Committee Roles and Responsibilities


  • Main liaison with the headteacher, site supervisor, teacher representative and parents.
  • Lead the committee
    • ensure all roles are filled and support committee members to fulfil fundraising objectives
    • oversee paperwork and ensure it is completed (including licences, risk assessments, insurance, event booking and charity related paperwork)
  • Chair PSA meetings.
  • Set the calendar of PSA events in consultation with school and the committee.

Essential qualities: confident, friendly, enthusiastic, organised.


  • Circulate meeting agenda and takes minutes at meetings.
  • Helps keeps meetings on track.
  • Maintains Trustee details with Charity Commission.
  • Deals with correspondence.

Essential qualities: organised, calm, efficient, able to take minutes and attend all PSA meetings.


  • Maintain on-going financial records on expenditure and income for PSA bank account.
  • Provide an update on income and expenditure at meetings (can be via email).
  • Provide floats & reconcile money taken at each event.
  • Collecting receipts and reimburse parents when necessary.
  • Prepare end of year report and submit to Charities Commission.
  • Act as the primary contact for all banking required (including deposits/withdrawals, direct debits, managing bank signatories).
  • Maintain records of sums raised within and across events.

Essential qualities: good with finances, sound working knowledge of excel, organised, reliable, able to attend all events to manage finances.

Events Coordinator

  • Lead on generating event ideas.
  • Co-ordinate all events
    • Planning
    • Co-ordinating and when possible delegating the sourcing of event supplies (catering and event specific)
    • Liaise with the school office to secure resources needed for events e.g. classrooms & storage space.
    • Apply for Alcohol licences and St John Ambulance services
  • Attend and oversee all events.

Essential qualities: friendly, creative, organised, able to delegate, enthusiastic.

Communication and Marketing

  • Write PSA blurbs for school newsletters.
  • Liaise with outside publications and organisations for publicity or support.
  • Organise and distribute leaflets and posters for events.
  • Coordinate communications for events sent out by Class Reps.
  • Maintain and update PSA communications including the PSA website, Facebook, Classlist and noticeboard.

Essential qualities: friendly, creative, organised, great communicator, enthusiastic.

Other possible roles


Class Representative Coordinator

Cake Sale Coordinator

Lead for specific events (Raffles, Christmas Cards, Tea-towels)

It’s time to elect your 2019-2020 PSA committee

Please talk to the people you would like to nominate and then email your nomination to

Who are we looking for?

The committee is elected anew each year, so we are looking for parents and carers to step into the various roles within the committee.  Maybe you have skills you’d like to share, or you’re looking for a new challenge and would like to learn some new skills, perhaps you would just like to be more involved, or maybe you’d like to make some new friends.  Whatever your motivation we’d love to have an enthusiastic team of parents and carers who are passionate about supporting the school in numerous ways!

Please come to the AGM to vote in the new committee and have the opportunity to make your voice heard.  If you nominate someone please do support them by being there on the night.