Welcome to Ashley Down’s PSA!

Exciting News!

School has entered into a partnership with Elephant Estate Agents for 2019.

If any friends or family of our school markets and sells their property via Elephant, they will donate £200 towards the redevelopment of the junior playground.

Who are the PSA?

The PSA stands for Parent Staff Association. It is a voluntary organisation of parents/ carers and teachers who are passionate about completing projects and raising additional funds for the school in order to support and enrich the fantastic teaching and learning environment which already exists at Ashley Down Primary.  The PSA raise thousands of pounds every year through activities such as cake sales, Christmas and summer fairs and quiz nights.  It is lots of fun and really rewarding so please consider getting involved.

Did you know that we have an online donation page?

Whether you haven’t had time to bake a cake or you’ve missed an event you wanted to support, you can make your donation on this page instead. It’s easy and very quick to do, and there’s no admin fee, so Ashley Down School will receive every penny you donate! Click here.

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